Market Potential of Mineral Water

Why Mineral Water
Water is important for human life in the world. In today’s living condition, the need for pure drinking water is essential to human and other life forms. Many people like drinking mineral water for health benefits. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are the minerals usually found in mineral water. It also includes other mineral like chromium, copper, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and silica.

Mineral Water Introduction
Mineral water is water that has either naturally or artificially added minerals. Most water has to be processed to reduce mineral content, and any unwanted bacteria or chemicals. However, mineral water is usually obtained from a water source rich in some kind of mineral, which is thought to be beneficial to the health. As water is in contact with minerals, it can absorb some of the mineral content with the passing of time. To define whether mineral water can be called such, one evaluates the contents of trace minerals in the evaporation of approximately a liter of water. Most mineral water contains more than one trace mineral in greater or lesser values. Various mineral components vary widely, but might include iron, magnesium, calcium, or zinc, a very short list of the various chemical compounds.

Benefits of Mineral Water
1. As Drinking Water
The mineral content gives mineral water a taste along with a therapeutic value. According to the researchers the mineral water benefits us because the mineral content of the water can be very easily absorbed by the body as compared with the mineral content of the food. Minerals are absolutely essential for the optimum growth and health of the body parts, especially when such minerals cannot be successfully produced by the body. Mineral water benefits the body by helping the body to fight against fungus and bacteria along with de-oxidizing the body. Some of the researchers have also claimed that mineral water provides the body with the same kind of nutrition when compared with vitamin supplements. It not only prevents nutrition deficiencies but also helps in making the immune system more efficient, by breaking down wastes and cleansing the body of all toxins. Magnesium is one of the best stress reducer found naturally. Sulfate and silica are natural cleansers and help strengthen bones and teeth. Sodium is very important for maintaining water balance of the body. Bicarbonates and chloride are known to help in digestion and maintaining regulating acids in intestines and stomach. Iron aids help in delivery of oxygen throughout the body and are very helpful for the people suffering from anemia.

2. As Beauty Regime
Mineral water is said to be beneficial for our skin because its high metasilicic acid content strengthens the spongy cells between collagen and elastin fibers, plumbs the skin and slows the formation of wrinkles.
3. As Cleaning Agent
Mineral water is similar to club soda, though it contains less sodium. Mineral water can be poured on fresh stains and then rubbed in with a towel to help ease the stain out of material. Mineral water can also be used to remove stains from carpets.
Market Potential of Mineral Water
With the development of living standard, the demand for drinking water is higher. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the last decades in almost every part of the world. Mineral water has been used for centuries for health. Its popularity has grown dramatically in recent decades as research continues to show that mineral water is much healthier to drink than tap water or even purified water. Mineral water contains natural minerals and provides many benefits to consumers. The market potential of mineral water is tremendous. More and more company starts to produce mineral water, and the mineral water brands are more than before. As the professional supplier of water treatment equipments, Whirlston Machinery can offer you the first-class mineral water processing equipments and after-sales service.