Pillow Shape Liquid Packing Machine Were Exported to Japan

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Pillow Shape Liquid Packing Machine Were Exported to Japan

The customer from Japan has bought the pillow shape liquid packing machine to pack the dairy from our company, and also they had already sent people to visit our factory and spoken highly to our factory, now the products have been installed in their company.

Pillow Shape packing machine

Pillow-shape Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for filling the milk by asepsis packing after instantaneous sterilization; the products can keep fresh and quality in normal temperature,ensure the long way transportation and prolong the selling time. This machine is special equipment for filling the fresh milk.It takes complex material (paper base complex material) as the basic filling material. This equipment has high capacity, improving 100% capacity in the same condition, with little noise, good stabilization, reducing the machinery abrasion to prolong the using time.

Liquid Packing Machine

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