Juice Concentration Equipment Export to Thailand

Juice Concentration Equipment Export to Thailand
Our product, juice concentration equipment, was bought by the customer in Thailand to process the juice. They said there were two reasons why they chose our machine: on one side, it is the quality and reputation of our products; on the other side, it is the enthusiasm they felt. And also, we are encouraged and will be better in future.


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juice concentration machines


This juice concentrating machine is also called plate evaporator. Raw material flows between the plates and then evaporated by way of steam heating. The mixing material of gas and liquid are discharged from outlet and enter the separator, and then we gain the concentrated materials and flash steam. During the multi-stage evaporation, these two products get access to the next evaporator for the further processing.


There are many applications for fruit juice concentrates including beverages, baby food, desserts, flavors, ice cream, and diluted juices and so on. Anyone who is interested in our beverage processing machinery are quite welcomed to our company or consulting.