Our Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine Is Ordered by Malaysia

Our Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine Is Ordered by Malaysia Customers
Warmly celebrate the Malaysia client ordered our fruit/vegetable washing and sorting machine! In order to wash the fruits clean, they bought a series of our products, they said that looking forward to next cooperation and also we will pay more attention to the quality of our products for this purpose.

fruit sorting washing machine

 This equipment is applicable for cleaning and sorting fruit and vegetable material. It is energy saving, the cleaning water can be recycled after filtration. The fruit and vegetable material can continuously rotate at any direction during the cleaning. The cleaning degree is high. The circulating water will send raw materials towards the direction of discharging. It is equipped with lifter, which facilitates the linkage.


fruit washing machine

Fruit washing machine and sorting machine are necessary machines for the pre-treatment of the fruits. After being cleaned and sorted, the fruits are of much higher quality and more sanitary. Our company specializes in providing unique vegetable washing machines,fruit washing machines and fruit sorting & grading machines. These machines are designed for hygienic processing of the fruits and vegetables along with cost-effective operation.