Integral CIP Cleaning System

Why CIP Cleaning
CIP cleaning is one of the requisite process of food and pharmacy production. Clean-in-Place (CIP) is applied to cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings without disassembly. Industries that require high hygiene levels rely heavily on CIP: dairy, beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics are included.
Integral CIP Cleaning System Brief Introduction
The integral CIP cleaning system is designed in a whole tank inside which is separated into three parts by stainless steel plate to store acid, alkali and hot water. It can remove the active polluted and insoluble particles & impurities as well as the micro chemicals and heat source particles that pollute the production to ensure the edible food sanitation.

Integral CIP Cleaning System Features
1. Integrate the acid cleaning, alkali cleaning, hot water cleaning and other process .
2. Economical and high efficiency. The cleaning system is of low investment; short working time and high efficiency.
3. Reasonable design. Cleaning tank inside is separated and working process is controlled by special device.
4. Matured PLC control system. Qualified controlling parts ensure steady performance.
5. Simple operation. Short training time for operators and the whole process is displayed on a tactile screen. 

integral cip cleaning system


6. Stainless steel tank, flexible working forms. Either single tank or all three tanks work together, low power consumption.
7. It can not only clean the tanks but control the growing of micro chemicals.

How Integrated CIP Cleaning System Work
The system can work in the following steps. On one hand, it works in single process such as acid cleaning, alkali cleaning and hot water cleaning; on the other hand, it can take fully automatic cleaning according to the cleaning process designed. The whole preparation before cleaning is realized by labor and these cases include the heating of cleaning liquids, the adjustment of acid or alkali liquid density, the delivery of CIP cleaning liquids and water adding. Sem--automatic or fully automatic equipment are available according to clients' requirements.
Integral CIP Cleaning System Technical Data

Model Acid pot(circular pipe NO. ) Alkali pot(circular pipe NO. ) Water pot(circular pipe NO. ) Pump lift Power Weight Dimension
SCIP-0.5 500 500 300 36m 3kw 350kg 2900*1000*1700mm
SCIP-0.8 800 800 500 36m 3kw 420kg 3000*1200*1850mm
SCIP-1 1000 1000 600 36m 3kw 480kg 3200*1400*2000mm


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