Distributed CIP System

Distributed CIP System Introduction
Distributed type CIP equipment is mainly composed of acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, heat exchanger, supply pump and return pump. Split type CIP equipment is used to clean the interior surface of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly. The benefit to industries that use CIP is that the cleaning is faster, less labor intensive, and less chemical exposure risk to people.

CIP cleaning system for water processing machinery

Distributed CIP System Structure Characteristics
1. Cleaning liquid can be heated automatically,which reduces the cleaning time.
2. Adopting automatic alarming and indication for liquid level control in all tanks which can improve the work efficiency.
3. When concentration of cleaning liquid is not up to the cleaning standard, thick acid or alkali liquids are fed through pneumatic diaphragm pumps, which improve the operation safety.
4. During cleaning, operators shall add water into tanks when they are in shortage of water.

cip online cleaning

Distributed CIP System Application
Split type CIP equipment is applicable to industries requiring high levels of hygiene such as dairy, beverage, brewing, processed foods, pharmaceutical and cosmetics etc.
Distributed CIP System Cleaning Process
1. Rinsing with hot or clean water.
2. Washing with cleaning solution.
3. Rinsing with clean water.
4. Sterilizing the equipment
Distributed CIP System Main Technical Parameter
Double circuit, three circuits, and four circuitsfor your choice.
Tank size is 1000L-10000L.
The heating ways can be plate type, coil tube type and tubular type.


The successful CIP cleaning of a milking system with a water and chemical solution depends on
1. Proper temperature
2. Sufficient circulation time
3. Proper concentration
4. Contact with all surfaces
5. Sufficient velocity of solution


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