DYJ Belt Filter Press

DYJ Belt Filter Press Introduction
DYJ Belt Filter Press is efficient juice pressing equipment. It is widely utilized in solid and liquid separation process in either juice producing industry or other industry field. Belt filter press is composed of the main machine, auto-control cabinet, arc-shape net filter and the spraying rod. The prominent features such as continuous working and advanced design make a high juicing rate.

Belt Filter Press Working Process
It is the two conveyor belts that play the significant role in pressing juice from fruits and vegetables during the whole working procedure. After the preprocessed raw materials are sandwiched between the two belts and proceed under the fixed pressure. The two belts are working in a rotary way and the space between them is becoming more and more narrow, thus the comparative huge pressure just force them to go through the filter. The press performance relies on the nature of the materials being processed. That is to say, the feeding quantity each time should be proportioned.

belt filter press


belt filter press for extracting juice

Filter Press Features
1. High automation with automatic material feeding and discharging.
2. General application with continuous working.
3. High pressing force ensures a high extracting rate.
4. Energy saving, easy operation and maintenance. Ideal investment in water processing equipment.
Main Components in Filter Press
This filter has two layers and is equipped with a water-stop board which is a device to fix filter bar and separate the filtered water. The bar is made of high temperature burned china. With a lot of micro holes, it is the main part to filter dregs. 101 grinding bar filter can improve the clarity of filtered liquid and water.
Duplex filter 
Double filter is composed of two stainless steel filters. It can filter liquid materials and work continuously. The filter screen is convenient to replace. The whole design ensures precisely filtering. Low energy consumption and investment cost.


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