Conveying Device

Conveying Device Introduction
Fruit and vegetable conveyors are suitable for hoisting and conveying fruits and vegetables. The hoisting and conveying forms can be customized according to customers' requirements, including polyester net type horizontal conveyor and spiral type horizontal conveyor. The equipment is equipped with stepless speed variation motor with adjustable speed. The spraying and water collecting devices can be added according to requirements.

Polyester Net Type Horizontal Conveyor
The polyester adopts stepless speed variation with a strong and rigid net. The driving roller is drum-shaped glue roller which can effectively prevent the belt from running off
the center. It is applicable to manual sorting and conveying of fruit and vegetables. The polyester net conveyor can be additionally provided with spray cleaning device according to customers’ demands.

Horizontal Conveyor


spiral conveyor

Stainless Steel Spiral Type Horizontal Conveyor
The spiral type horizontal conveyor is mainly composed of feed hopper, screw, drive motor, transmission housing, outlet hopper, etc. The middle sling bearing is of combination type of two halves. Features by easy maintenance, low noise and high efficiency. The spiral horizontal conveyor is applicable to long distance conveying of
fruit and vegetable residues. Besides, it can be additionally provided with spray cleaning device according to customers'demands.


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