Fruit Lifter
Stainless Steel Spiral Type Lifter
The spiral type lifter is made of high quality stainless steel which is durable and easy for maintenance. This machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, screw, drive motor, transmission housing, hopper, etc. The driven shaft bearing is combined by plane and thrust bearings. The lifting height can be improved with the middle sling bearing.
Fruit Lifter Introduction
Lifter in the fruit and vegetable processing production line plays a role of connecting the process of cleaning with the process of crushing of raw materials such as tomato, carrot, apple, onion and other fruits and vegetables. The following four types of lifter  are used for lifting and conveying raw materials with capacity of 0.5~20/T/h.

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Stainless Steel Chain Plate Type Lifter
The chain plate type lifter adopts stepless speed variation, applicable to various working conditions. The driving and driven belt seat bearings can be made of stainless steel or ordinary material. It can be additionally provided with spray washing device.
Engineering Plastic Chain Plate Type Lifter
Plastic chain plate lifter is composed of drive motor, transmission housing, chassis, drive shaft, driven shaft, and flat grid chain net. The flat rigid chain driven by the drive motor does rotary movement. Suitable for lifting and conveying various granules and small block of bulk materials such as apple, pear, tomato, orange and grain crops, etc. It can be additionally provided with spray washing device and water collecting sump according to customers’ demands.
Polyester Net and Stainless Steel Chain Plate Type Lifter
The polyester net and stainless steel chain plate lifter is featured by simple structure, durable use and small cross-sectional area, easy for cleaning, operation and maintenance. It is applicable to manual sorting and conveying of fruit and other materials.

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