Fruit Pulping Machine
The pulping machine is used to pulp fruits after they are crushed and pre-boiled. We also manufacture fruit stoning and pulping machine which is used to get rid of the fruit stone first and then go to the pulping process.
Fruit Pulping Machine Classification
Single channel fruit pulping machine,double channel fruit pulping machine,single channel stoning and pulping machine,double channel stoning and pulping machine

fruits pulping machine

dual layer fruits pulping machine



Fruit Pulping Machine Application
The fruit stoning and pulping machine is mainly suitable for stoning, pulping and automatic separation of drupe fruits after pre-boiling. MDJ1 is single-channel and MDJ2 dual-channel. These machines are applied in producing fruit pulp and juice, jam, marmalade. The pulp keeps the most nutrition of the fruit, such as vitamins, minerals, sugar, dietary fiber and pectin.
Fruit Pulping Machine Working Principle
First the raw material is conveyed to beating barrel by spiral shaft and then crashed by spinning blade at high rotational velocity. The pulp and juice will get to next process through sieve while the tegument, seeds and fiber are discharged as dregs. And the sieve with different diameters can be selected according to the requirements of materials.
Fruit Pulping Machine Features
1. Made of high quality stainless steel, which conforms to food sanitation standard.
2. The special design of sieve is easy for cleaning and maintenance.
3. The residue and pulp can be separated automatically.
4. Easy operation and high efficiency.
5. The fruit pulping machine can either work independently or serve as part of production line.
6. Multi sizes of screen hole can be selected and customized.



Fruit Pulping Machine Technical Data

Model DJ 1-0.12 DJ 1-2.5 DJ 2-4.0 DJ 2-7.5
Capacity 0.12t/h 2.5t/h 4.0t/h 7.5t/h
Power 1.5kw 4kw 7.5kw 11kw
Dimension 1000×830×948mm 1450×770×1523mm 1535×1420×1533mm 1935×2275×1700mm


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