Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine

Why Need Fruit Washing&Sorting Machine
Fruit washing machine and sorting machine are necessary machines for the pre-treatment of the fruits. After being cleaned and sorted, the fruits are of much higher quality and more sanitary.We specialize in providing unique vegetable washing machines, fruit washing machines and fruit sorting & grading machines. These machines are designed for hygienic processing of the fruits and vegetables along with cost-effective operation.

fruits washing machine fruits to be processed fruit sorting machine

Fruit Washing Machine
1. The fruit washing machine equipped with fruit lifting device is suitable for cleaning of ball-shape or oval-shape fruits and vegetables.
2. The fruits and vegetables rotate continuously and randomly in all directions during the cleaning process, high washing rate and water saving.
3. The washing water can be reused after filteration which is energy saving and cost effective.
4. Easy to operate, convenient in maintenance and wiring.
Fruit Sorting Machine
Fruit sorting machine is used for picking out the cleaned fruits and vegetables such as tomato, strawberry, apple and mango, etc.
1. The fruit and vegetable can move freely on the roller by the rotary designing.
2. The fruit and vegetable can be more sanitary and clean with the second time cleaning.
3. The flotsam can be conveyed by the waste material conveyor belt and then go into the receiving tank.
4. The material is stainless steel and with perfect surface, firm and durable structure.
5. Light weight, convenient and safe operation.

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