Hammer Type Fruit Crushing Machine

Hammer Type Fruit Crushing Machine Introduction
The fruit crushing machine is applicable to processing apple, pineapple and other pome fruits with the integration of crushing and spiral extracting. The fruits and vegetables processed by the fruit crushing machine can be to a degree of 2-5mm. The working procedure of residues discharging are completed automatically
Fruit Crushing Machine Structure
The hammer type fruit crushing machine is composed of material feeding hopper, side cover, machine body, spindle, bearing seat, motor, machine frame, material discharging hopper, etc.

fruit crushing machine

fruits juicing machine


Fruit Crushing and Juicing Machine Working Process
During the operation, the motor will drive a pair of pulleys at a constant speed to rotate the spindle which is installed with cutters rotating at high speed. The materials drop into the feeding hopper through the lifter and are then crushed by the cutters. Due to centrifugal force, the materials will drop into the storage tank from the sieve with waist-shaped holes, and then are transferred to the next procedure by the delivery pump.

Fruit Crushing and Juicing Machine Features
1.The fruit crushing machine is suitable for processing of various berries, drupe fruits and vegetables.
2. Integrate with crushing and automatic discharging process.
3. Automatic discharging of fruit residues .
4. All areas touching fruits are made of superior stainless steel.
5. The crushed fruits are of uniform size which is determined by the screen hole.


Fruit Crushing Machine Technical Data

Model Power Hammer Number Capacity Dimension
CPS-5 11kw 24 5t/h 1200*1200*1800mm
CPS-10 18.5kw 33 10t/h 1500*1500*1800mm
CPS-20 22kw 42 20t/h 2000*2000*1800mm
CPS-25 30kw 54 25t/h 2000*2000*1800mm


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