Juice Concentration Equipment

Juice Concentration Equipment Introduction
This juice concentration equipment is specially designed and utilized in concentration of all raw material such as milk powder, condensed milk; fruit and vegetable juice, beverage, pharmacy; besides, the machine is also used in sugar industry, biologicals, wastewater treatment, chemical industry. Low energy consumption and wide application make it attracted by many beverage processing investors all over the world.
Main Structure of Juice Concentration Equipment
The key component are four heat transferring plates. According to various processing requirements, a plate evaporator can be constituted by several or even dozens of groups and fixed in a frame which is made of fixed pressure plate, active pressure plate, front pillar, the upper and lower rods, pressure screw bolt.

Why Choose Plate Evaporator
1. It has the least area of flowing blind angle and with quite high viscosity.
2. Steam can enter into the pipe easily with weak resistance.
The outlet of gas and liquid is big enough to ensure a smooth process.
A Brief Description of Working Process
This juice concentrating machine is also called plate evaporator. Raw material flows between the plates and then evaporated by way of steam heating. The mixing material of gas and liquid are discharged from outlet and enter the separator , then we gain the concentrated materials and flash steam. During the multi-stage evaporation, these two products get access to the next evaporator for the further processing.

juice concentrating machine

concentrated beverage

Juice Concentration Equipment Features
1. Adopting advanced plate evaporator, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. Fast and low temperature evaporation, keeping the authentic taste, color and original nutrition.
3. Pasteurization, short-time, no nutrient running away. Hygiene and safe.
4. Progressive process, reliable configuration, stable performance.
5. Small room occupation, easy operation, simple maintenance.


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