Rotary Washing Machine

Rotary Washing Machine Introduction
Rotary washing machine is composed of motor, water pump, roller, supporting wheel, scrubbing brush, spray water tube, hopper, cover plate, water tank, valve, transmission shaft, motor rack and electric control switches, etc. Roller type washing machine is applicable to the cleaning of various kinds of fruit and vegetable such as apple, peach, orange, potato, tomato, carrot and onion featured by easy operation, energy saving, high output, low noise and steady performance. The rotary washing machine capacity is 5~20t/h.

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Rotary Washing Machine Working Process
After the material enterings into the roller, they will be washed by the spraying tube and scrubbed by the scrubbing brush. There are two water tanks at the bottom of the roller. The tank near to the material inlet side is clear water tank which is connected to water inlet pipe, while the tank near to the material outlet side is circulating water tank which contains the water that washes the fruits and vegetables. The water can be reused after being filtered by the filter screen in the water tank.
Rotary Washing Machine Features
1. Equipped with a closed rotary drum and high pressure water pump
2. Direct water source and inner circulating water available
3. Continuous production and automatic discharge
4. Meet the requirements of GMP
5. Ideal equipment for fruit processing plant and drink processing industry.


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