Spiral Juice Extractor

Spiral Juice Extractor Introduction
The screw juice extractor is specially designed for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables such as orange, apple, and pear,etc. We are engaged in offering qualified juice extracting machine that is sturdy in construction and simple to operate. To ensure protection from rust, the side frames of the spiral juice extractor is made of high grade cast iron and coated with epoxy paint.

spiral juice extractor fruits Spiral Juice Extractor Structure
Spiral juice extractor is an ideal machine for extracting fruit and vegetable juice. The machine mainly consists of rack, drive enclosures, bearings, body, inlet hopper, stator, rotor, blade, large side cover, discharging hopper, hinges, electrical enclosures and other components.

Spiral Juice Extractor Features
The juice produced by spiral juice extractor is 100% fresh and natural, free of impurities.
2. Large output from 500kg/h to 1.5t/h for your choice.
3. The spiral extracting design ensures a high extracting yield
4. High quality stainless steel construction
5. Sanitary and easy to clean.

Spiral Juice Extractor Working Process
When the raw materials are added into the feeding hopper, they will receive pressure under the boosting of the spiral shaft which is the main power to finish the extracting process. The extracted juice will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, and the residues will be discharged out automatically.
juice extracting machine orange juice

Spiral Juice Extractor Technical Data

Model Power Capacity Dimension
LZ-0.5 1.5kw 0.5t/h 1100*265*920mm
LZ-1.5 4kw 1.5t/h 1560*450*1340mm


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