Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Automatic Blow Molding Machine introduction
Bottle molding has developed fast towards high speed production. Our automatic bottle blowing machine adopts advanced technology which satisfies national food sanitation standard and has become ideal bottle molding equipment in international market.

Automatic Blow Molding Machine


 Automatic Blow Molding Machine Application
Automatic bottle molding machine has wide application to produce PET bottles in various shapes, common bottles containing mineral water &pure water and special bottles withstand heat, thus has extensive use in all beverage containers production industry.
Blow Molding Machine Highlights
1. High effiency with fast molding performance.
2. High uniformity the molded bottle apperance,thickness,volum and weight.
3. The blow molding machine can produce bottles with various sizes of bottle body, mouth and neck.
4. The automatic bottle blow molding machine makes the bottle enjoy a smooth and elegant surface which is more suitable for the high quality package.
5. Thid machine is suitable for various materials, such as PET, PE, PP, PS, PC, PETG, PMMA, etc.
PET Bottles Features
1. The whole equipment adopts advanced PLC technology.
2. Matched with servo motor which eliminates all possible defects resulted from position fault.
3. Preheating by rotary infrared ray and heat evenly.
4. Pneumatic elements are equipped with world-famous brand products.
5. Human-machine operation screen, stable performance; low cost in maintenance.
Bottle Blowing Process
Bottle blowing has two process which are pre-heating and molding. When preheating, the infrared ray tube is needed to preheat and soften the body, but the mouth part need no heating, so a cooling device is needed to reduce the temperature. At molding stage, place the pre-heat botters in the blowing molds and aerate them in high pressure to bottles.

Bottle Blowing Machine Technical data

Model Capacity Diameter Height Power
20SC 1800-2000b/h ≤134mm ≤350mm 58.12kw


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