Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Labeling is a necessary part in many industry processing procedures. There are definitely different labeling machine in different fields. This SXT-D series automatic high speed labeling machine is specially designed for round bottle in whatever industry such as the foodstuff, medicine and cosmetics,etc.

round bottle labeling machine


Round Bottle Labeler Features
1. Separation lines for bottles- wide application, easy adjustment of lines and spaces.
2. Configuration for sending and receiving feed- this machine can work either independently or combined with the whole processing line.
3. Intelligent management of fault and repeat labeling.The round bottle labeling machine is wide applicable to foodstuff, cosmetic and other light industry.
4. Adopt photoelectricity examine, PLC control, Touch screen software operation.
5. The process of feeding, bottle wraping, bottle dispart are all stepless.

Round bottle labeling machine technical data
Bottle types: glass or plastic bottle; round, square or conical bottles
Alarming function: no ribbon; label broken or leakage
Bottle diameter: 10-120mm; height: 20-300mm
Label scope: height: 15-150mm; length: 25-300mm
Scroll diameter: inner:76mm; outer:300mm
Labeling speed: 200-400 bottles/min
Accuracy error: ±0.5 (It depends)
Voltage: 220V 50/60HZ 1.2 KW
Weight: 220KG; bottle turntable: 60KG
Dimension : 1500*800*1300mm

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