Automatic Pasta Labeling Machine
Automatic Pasta Labeling Machine
Labeling is quite necessary working process in nowadays packing industry. Labeling machine is designed to paste labels made of paper or tinsel to packing containers by adopting adhesive. As a matter of fact, the labeler has already had diversified types and more advanced techniques because of the fierce competition. Concerning working process, sending labels, sending bottles, pasta and labeling can be completed successively.

Automatic Pasta Labeling Machine


Pasta Labeler Features
1. Automatically finish pasta and labeling. Easy to operate.
2. High speed, uniform labeling. Can work either independently or united with other process.
3. Wide application to round plastic or glass containers for pharmacy, chemical and food industry.
4. Automation, closed and smooth conveying device.
Low investment, easy maintenance.
Why Automatic pasta labeler
This labeling machine features reliable performance. Most main components are from world famous plants. For example, machine body and transducer, motor are made in Taiwan, conveying belt chain Japan, the controller of air pressure, electricity German FESTO and SICK respectively. These brands products promise stable working so it's worthy of your investment.
Automatic pasta labeling machine technical data
Material: 304 stainless steel
Bottle diameter: 30-95
Label size: 50-280*40-150
Speed: 80-100bottles/min.
About Ink jet printer
Ink jet printer is a printing equipment to mark on products by way of software control. As an advanced product, it is used in many industrial fields and easy operation owing to the similar working principle. The following features help it a more popular in printing work:
1. Non-contact way. The ink jet doesn't contact with the product surface, thus will create no damage to products.
2. High speed. Take the soda water as a example, the output can be over 1000 bottles.
3. Easily to edit or change the printing content. Computer-controlling system.
4. A wide range of ink or paper choice. Good printing effects.

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