Bottle Unscrambler

Bottle Unscrambler Introduction
Features high automation and high speed, bottle unscrambler delivers a level of performance incomparable on the unscrambler market today. This machine is used to unscramble the messy plastic bottles aligned in the conveying belt to save the whole processing time.

Bottle Unscrambler Structure
Bottle unscrambler is composed of the machine body and feed elevator. It adopts turntable technology to automatically feed bottles in a certain quantity. The turntable unscrambles bottles through high speed rotating and send them out. High rotating speed ensures a high conveying speed and empty bottles are more stable.

Bottle Unscrambler for the whole beverage production line

Bottle Unscrambler Features
1. Suitable for unscrambling polyester bottles and make them neatly stand in lines.
2. PLC controlling system, digital screen.
3. High speed operation, easy to connect with all kinds of filler and filling production line.
4. Heavy-duty design with stainless steel construction
5. This machine has versatility in running many bottle formats and sizes.
6. Bottle unscrambler is capable of handling rounds, cylinders, jars, squares and other odd shaped bottles.
Bottle Unscrambler Technical data

Capacity Volume Weight Dimension
12000B/H 600-1800M 3000kg 2020*2300*2700mm
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