Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Introduction
The carbonated beverage filling machine is a unique design combining washing, filling and capping three functions into one unit, all parts operated automatically. It is applicable for carbonated drinks filled in various shapes of PET bottles.
Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Application
The carbonated beverage filling machine is used to wash, fill and cap various shapes of PET bottles of carbonated beverage such as soft drinks, light sparkling wine and coke etc.

Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine For Making Carbonated Drink

Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Features
1. This filling machine is easy to change the bottle shape which only needs to change the thumb wheel without adjusting the machine height.
2. High filling speed and accurate control of liquid level avoid the liquid leakage.
3. All parts directly contacting the media are made of stainless steel, so this carbonated beverage filling machine can be cleaned easily.
4. The capping head adopts a magnetic constant-torque device to ensure high capping quality without damage.
5. Compact structure, easy operation, high automatic degree and labour-saving.
Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Technical Parameter

 Model Capacity (B/h)
 330mL  500mL 1000mL  1500mL 2000mL
 24-24-8 6000 5000 4000 3000 2500
32-32-8  9000 8000 6000 5000 4000
 40-40-12  11000 10000 9000  8000 6000
 50-50-18 12000  11000 10000 9000 7000
 60-60-20 14000 12000 11000  12000 10000
 80-80-24 28000  26000  24000 22000 18000



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