Cold Filling Machine
What Is Cold Filling?
Cold filling technology makes the filling and sealing of purified water and sensitive beverages possible in a germ free environment under sterile conditions, without the addition of preservatives and second sterilization after packaging. This process guarantees the highest microbiological safety and maximum gentleness with the product.

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Cold Filling Machine Application
Cold filling machine integrates washing, filling and capping three functions into one unit. The cold filling machine is mainly applied to cold filling and sealing of purified water and mineral water, also suitable for juice, tea and function drinks etc.

Cold Filling Machine Features
1.The aseptic filling machine ensures a short heating time which makes no damage to good taste&original nutrients of the products.
2.For cold filling, there is no special requirements of the filling bottles, just standard PET bottles are enough.
3.The cold filling machine is featured by cost effective price, compact construction and high microbiological safety.
4. During the whole cold filling process, there is not any possible re-contamination of the product or the container.

Cold Filling Machine Technical Parameter

 Model  Capacity (B/h)
 330mL  500mL  1000mL  1500mL 2000mL
 24-24-8  12000  8000  4500  3500  3000
 32-32-8  14000  12000  8000  6000  4000
 40-40-12  18000  15000  12000  8000  6000
 50-50-18  26000  24000  16000  12000  9000
 60-60-20  30000  26000  16000  13000  10000
 80-80-24  38000  35000  22000  16000  12000

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