Hot Filling Machine

What Is Hot Filling?
Hot filling is a cost-effective and conventional filling technology that gives a robust, extended life performance at ambient temperature to sensitive beverage liquids, such as fruit juice, green tea, black tea and functional drinks etc. From the pasteurizer, the products are hot filled, capped, which in turn decontaminating the container inner surface. Immediately after this step, the bottles are rapidly cooled down by water or steam to ensure the original taste and vitamin integrity of the product.

hot filling machine for high efficiency filling and packing

Hot Filling Machine Characteristics
1. Adopting advanced PLC control technology to ensure a safe and high efficiency operation.
2. The PET bottle can resist high temperature of 85~92℃ under which the bottle will not deform.
3. With strict processing procedure, the filled liquids in the PET bottle can be storaged for 6-12 months.
4. Processed by hot filling machine, the products is free from additives and preservative.
5. Hot filling machine is especially used for juice and tea drink filling.
Hot Filling Machine Application
The hot filling machine integrates washing, filling, capping together, applied to hot filling and sealing of green tea, black tea, fruit and vegetable juice, and sports drinks etc. Simply by changing some machine parts, the hot filling machine can be used for filling mineral water and purified water,etc.

Hot Filling Machine Technical Parameter

 Model  Capacity
 330ML  500ML  1000ML  1500ML  2000ML
HF 24-24-8  12000 B/H  8000 B/H  4500 B/H  3500 B/H  3000 B/H
HF32-32-8  14000 B/H  12000 B/H  8000 B/H  6000 B/H  4000 B/H
HF40-40-12  18000 B/H  15000 B/H  12000 B/H  8000 B/H  6000 B/H
HF50-50-18  26000 B/H  24000 B/H  16000 B/H  12000 B/H  9000 B/H
HF60-60-20  30000 B/H  26000 B/H  16000 B/H  13000 B/H  10000 B/H
HF80-80-24  38000 B/H  35000 B/H  22000 B/H  16000 B/H  12000 B/H
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