Paper Brick Shape Packing Machine
Paper Brick Shape Packing Machine 
Paper brick shape packing machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk , non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine, etc. Through the CAM rotation, the paper brick shape machine automatically performs the operation of paperbag forming, folding, liquid filling and bag sealing.

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Brick Shape Packing Machine Application
This machine is not only applied to filling pure milk, yogurt, peanut milk and soy milk, but also all kinds of pure fruit juice, mixed juice, coffee, plant protein and tea.
Brick Shape Packing Machine Highlights
• Filling is controlled through an electronic controller
.• Sterilization with ultra violet tubes
.• Machine stops automatically when there is no plastic / no liquid.
• Available in mechanical & pneumatic versions.
• Available for LDPE Film as well as Laminated Film.

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Brick Shape Packing Machine Feature
 1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel with package of aluminum laminated brick shape.
2. Operation control
A Japanese Mitsubishi man-machine interface Frequency Conversion
B Japanese Mitsubishi frequency converter
C Siemens electrical equipment
D Engineering components by German Festo Company
3. Low ratio of broken bag in the production.
4. Adopting UHT (Ultra High Temperature ) sterilization  to ensure products to be stored for a long period.
5. Perfect filling performance by electromagnetic induction device.
6. Packing type is auto-emission and air circulated protection with high temperature and hygiene.
7. Both center sealing and side sealing are available.

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Brick Shape Packing Machine Technical Data

Specification WJB-2000
Capacity 2000 bags/hour
Filling volume 250ml
Filling heads 1
Dimension 3500mm× 1500mm× 3200mm
Working air pressure ≥ 0.6Mpa
Power 25KW
Weight 3500KG


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