Popcan Filling & Capping Machine

pop can filling machine

Popcan Filling & Capping Machine Characteristics
1. The popcan filling and capping machine is wholly made of high quality stainless steel which is in compliance with the food hygiene standard.
2. The complete filling line is controlled by PLC and frequency conversion of motor speed.
3. The filler is driven by capper which ensures that work of filler and capper is synchronous.
4. The filling line is easier to assemble, discharge and clean.
Popcan Filling and Capping Machine Application
The popcan filling and capping machine combines filling and capping into one machine, widely used to fill and seal noncarbonated drinks such as juice, tea drink, vegetable juice, dairy products etc.

Popcan Filling Machine Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Filling heads Can size Weight Dimension
RT380 300~500t/h 36 H52~300Φ53~110 2800kg 1720*1860*1900mm
RT1000 800t/h 60 H45~200Φ50~65 3550kg 2730*1905*1800mm

Popcan Capping Machine Technical Parameter

Model Capacity(t/h) Capping heads Can size Weight(kg) Dimension
RT6H 300~500 6 H52~300Φ53~110 3000kg 2800*1000*2400mm
RT12H 800 12 H45~200Φ50~65 3700kg 1450*1120*2180mm

Glass Bottle Filling Machine Characteristics
1.The glass bottle filling machine is suitable for filling and twist capping for glass bottles.
2.The glass bottle filling machine is used to bottle wine,alcohol,spirit,soft drinks,water, juice etc. This machine is integrated with washing, filling and capping in one machine.
3.Our glass bottle filling machine uses high quality stainless steel 304. The washing we take reversing bottle methods.
4.We equip the machine with "No-bottle, No-Cap" system. If there is no bottle, the caps feeding will be stopped.
5. Capacity: 3000~24000B/H.
Glass Bottle Filling Machine (twist cap) Technical Parameter

Model Output Power Dimension
HSXG18/18-8 600B/H 3.2kw 2.4*1.7*2.5m
HSXG20/20-8 8000B/H 3.2kw 2.4*1.7*2.5m
HSXG24/24-10 10000B/H 4kw 3.0*2.0*2.5m
HSXG32/32-12 12000B/H 5kw 3.5*2.5*2.5m
HSXG40/40-12 15000B/H 5kw 3.6*3.3*2.5m


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