Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine
Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine Introduction
Shrink-sleeve labeling machine is of advanced design which satisfies various beverage manufacturers' demands. This machine can be used to label for many shapes of bottles by changing different molds. We offer a full-line of service, from developing the labels to installing the sleeve &bottle labeling machines. Complete solutions for individual needs is our strength. We will work with you to design, install and service the whole system that's right for your bottling and we'll back it up with a "total system" performance guarantee.

shrink sleeve labeling machine


labeling machine

Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine Features
1.Labeling can be processed either by manual or automated. In automated state, the machine can start or stop bottle entering according to the processing stick and bottles amount on the conveying belt. In manual controlling state, operator can adjust feeding speed according to producing speed.
2. There is an automatic fault inspection device, working together with the Chinese exhibition on human-machine touching screen and three-color light alarming so as to find the fault in time and provide a safe working environment.
3. The shrink-sleeve labeling system automatically positions and applies stretch sleeve labels to bottles. During the whole process, there is no heat and glue needed. What's more, the lables can be recyclabel which makes it more economical.

Structure and main systems function
1.Conveying system
The whole machine is controlled and connected by the frequency converter and synchronizer; the speed is changed only through adjusting a switch.
2.Sending label system
The machine adopts gear conveying, matched with H shape four wheel design to ensure high transmission speed as well as long using life.
The cutter is designed like a drawer and there are small lights inside which is convenient to adjust cutter position when assemble or disassemble spare parts. This setting can avoid leakage and fault labeling.
4.Bottle conveying group
Conveying belt transmit bottles by mechanical transmission. When belt is changed, the same hand wheel is used to adjust the height and width and make sure the same speed.
The feeding tray is double-layer and the change of feeding is more convenient. Matched with an inspection device for feeding to give alarming if there is no feed.
6.Label brush
Composed of a motor and a double-side round synchronous belt. This device ensures the same speed of the brushing wheel below and stable working.
7.Lifting group
Offers a flexible and accurate working table.

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