Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine

Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine Introduction
Known as shrinkers and shrink packing machine, heat shrinking machine is a comparatively advanced packing method nowadays in the world. It is widely applied to heat shrink packing for pop can, mineral water, beer, glass and other beverage bottles. Besides, sleeve wrapper is connected to PE shrinker, presenting a perfect package condition.
Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine Application
Sleeve shrink wrapping machine has enjoyed wide popularity in packing products like glass bottle, polystyrene foam, paper box, toy, electrical equipment, stationery, books, records, hardware tool, daily necessities, pharmacies, cosmetics,beverage, fruits and memorial labels. 


Why Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine
There is shrinking film outside the products or packing case. Heating can make the film wrap packing products tightly, thus products will present beautiful shape and good promotion effect. At the same time, the packed products can be sealed, wet-proof and pollution-proof, it can also prevent pollution from outside. When pack fragile products, it can protect them from breaking or flying. The possibility of tearing and stealing is reduced to the least.


Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine

Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine Features
Equipped with two groups of advanced photoelectricity inspection device; sealing and packing are easy to finish for those thin and small products.
Automation feed, motor is matched; the waste materials are taken away.
Easy adjustment for different size bottles.
Sealing, cutting and wrapping are completed automatically with easy and labouring operation.
Reliable performance, accurate design.
Automatic alarming device ensures safe working.

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