Wrap Around Case Packer

Wrap Around Case Packer-Food Friendly Design
Wrap around case packer offers gentle product handling along with flexibility to handle many products of different shapes and sizes in many industries. The packer adopts advanced technology and design in a reasonable structure to ensure all components work in a harmony process neatly, thus an ideal equipment in food processing, pharmacy industry and beverage production.  


Wrap Around Case Packer


 Wrap Around Case Packer Features
The operation is pneumatic boxing. Clean boxing process, measures up the GMP standard.
High automation. The packing process integrates lining, moving bags, packing, extracting and boxing.
Compact design, advanced technology ensures smooth and reliable performance.
The whole machine body is made of aluminum or stainless steel, thus having strong hardness.
Around the body is organic glass repairing door and "E" type switch. Safe working and repairing.


Wrap Around Case Packing machine


Main technical data

Dimension Packing speed Case dimension Inlet height Carton height Weight Power(kw)
3610*1655*2845mm 15-18/min 560*400*400mm(Max) 1200mm 530mm 1000kg 220/380V

Wrap Around Case Packer

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