Tube U.H.T Aseptic Sterilizer Unit
Tube U.H.T Aseptic Sterilizer Unit
Tube U.H.T Aseptic Sterilizer unit is a series of sterilizer used for milk and juice production line. The advanced design and precise operation ensure hygienic food and drink.
U.H.T Sterilizer Unit Fittings
The sterilizer unit is composed of feeding system, hot water system, degassing system(optional), CIP cleaner, high pressure homogeneity(optional) and controlling system.

tube sterilization

tube sterilizing machine

U.H.T Sterilizer Unit Structure and Highlights
The main body of this unit is high temperature tubular sterilizer. The whole series features compact structure, good sterilization, easy operation, wide application and low investment. We offer U.H.T sterilizer independently which contains tubular sterilizer, pre-heating tank and heat preservation tank. The whole unit is also offered including 2. U.H.T sterilizer and flash degassing system.

beverage sterilized by sterilizing machine

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U.H.T Sterilizer Unit Prominent Features
1. A wide range of viscosity. Under the environment of PH 1-14, suitable for aseptic processing of fresh milk, yogurt, juice, tea drinks, wine, ice-cream, soymilk,etc.
2. Computer-controlled system, touching screen operation.
3. Flash sterilization to keep the original flavor.
4. PID temperature control, heat recycling efficiency is up to 90%.
5. No sticking on the tube, and the dimpled pipe is good to form high speed flow.
6. Durable, easy to assemble and disassemble.
7. Withstand heavy duty, reliable material and working process.
 U.H.T Sterilizer Unit Sterilization process
The materials enter sterilizer through centrifugal pump and preheat in the heat exchanger, then they go through the high pressure hot barrel. The materials are quickly heated to the sterilizing temperature and stay about 3 seconds, during which process the microorganism and enzymes are killed. Discharged from the hot barrel, the materials are cooled down to below 65℃through heat exchaning with cold materials.
U.H.T Sterilizer Unit Technical Data

Model GS-UTH-1(A) GS-UTH-2(A) GS-UTH-3(A) GS-UTH-4(A) GS-UTH-5(A)
Capacity 1000L/H 2000L/H 3000L/H 4000L/H 5000L/H
Material inlet temperature 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃
Heat preservation time 4-15S 4-15S 4-15S 4-15S 4-15S
Sterilizing temperature 95-125(138℃) 95-125(138℃) 95-125(138℃) 95-125(138℃) 95-125(138℃)
Material outlet temperature 4-20℃ 4-20℃ 4-20℃ 4-20℃ 4-20℃
Steam pressure 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa)
Steam cost 130kg/h 160kg/h 240kg/h 320kg/h 400kg/h
Compressed air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Compressed air consumption 50L/H 50L/H 50L/H 50L/H 50L/H
Dimension(without homogenizer) 3500*1600*1800mm 4500*2000*1900mm 4500*2500*2000mm 5000*2000*2000mm 5000*2000*2000mm
Power (without homogenizer) 8.75kw 12kw 18kw 21kw 25kw


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