Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer

Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer Introduction
Bottle reverse/inverse sterilizer is newly designed machine on the basis of absorbing Germany technology. Reversed bottle cap sterilizer is specially applied for the second time sterilization of dairy, beverage , jelly and other packaged products.

Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer Feature
1. The bottle reverse sterilizer is wholly made of made of stainless steel, especially for the chain plate and chain wheel which are needed to be corrosion resistant.
2. Double chain synchronously drive with 90° rotation.
3.Reasonable design, stable operation and delicate design.

bottle reverse sterilizer

reverse sterilizer machine

Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer Application
Reversed bottle cap sterilizer is used for sterilization of the mouth and cap of the bottle which is after hot filling. Suitable for all sorts of circular and quadrate glass bottle, plastic and other drink container, the bottle reverse/inverse sterilizer is widely applied in juice, dairy products, tea and other beverage industry.

Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer Principle
Bottle reverse/inverse sterilizer automatically makes the bottle fall down and stand up by the conveyor. During the sterilization process, the high temperature material can sterilize the mouth and cap of the bottle which is without sterilization or high temperature treatment. No need of any other heating source. The whole process is energy saving and with easy operation.
Bottle Reverse/Inverse Sterilizer Technical Data

Capacity Sterilization Temperature Sterilization Time Cooling Temperature Cooling Time Steam Pressure Weight Dimension
1-5 T/H ﹤98℃ 10-35 minutes 20℃ 10-25 minutes 0.4 Mpa 6000 kg 1600×2600×2000mm


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