Continuous Spraying Sterilizer

Continuous Spraying Sterilizer
As the second sterilization process, continuous spraying sterilizer is widely used for sterilizing kinds of food products like juice and beer, canned food under ordinary pressure, and even for cooling the hot filling tea and juice drinks.

continuous spraying sterilization machine

continuous spraying sterilization plant

Continuous Sterilizer Working Process
The continuous spraying sterilizer works in four steps including preheat with recycled warm water, sterilize with recycled hot water, pre-cool with recycled warm water and cool with cooling water spraying. If the bottles are hot, they can skip the preheat step. The sterilization step stays for 20-30minutes and requires the temperature 85℃. In the precooling step, the temperature is reduced to about 50℃. The whole body of the machine is made of high quality stainless steel; in addition, the machine is of good shape, smooth running state and simple operation.

continuous spraying sterilization machinery

Continuous Sterilizer Features
1. The temperature in sterilization is controlled automatically.
2. Sterilization time is step-less and adjustable.
3. Four processing stages, lower heat consumption.
4. Reasonable design, reliable operation, compact structure.

Structure of Continuous Spraying Sterilizer
Continuous spraying sterilizer is composed of the rack, transmission, spraying water recycling system, controlling system and conveying belt for bottles.

Continuous Sterilizer Technical Data

Model PLS-1000 PLS-2000 PLS-3000 PLS-5000
The highest sterilizing temperature 100 ℃ 100 ℃ 100 ℃ 100 ℃
The width of sterilization transferring belt  1500mm  1500mm  1500mm  1500mm
Transferring belt speed 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min
Heating steam pressure 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa
Sterilization length 9000mm 16000mm 22000mm 320000mm
Pre-cooling length 1200mm 1600mm 1800mm 2200mm
Cooling length 3000mm 5000mm 8000mm 10000mm
Heating recycling water volume 21 m³ 25 m³ 35 m³ 50 m³
Voltage 9.6 kw 10.6 kw 13.6 kw 16.5 kw
Dimension 9880*2250*1735mm 17880*2250* 1735mm 23800*2250*1735 34880*2250*1735


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