Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger Introduction
In dairy industry, plate heat exchanger is applicable to instant sterilization of fresh milk and cooling of dairy products for the heating and cooling of fruit juice, tea drinks, and vinegar etc . Plate heat exchanger has been widely used in petrochemical industry, pharmacy, papermaking, machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding and power generation industries etc.
Plate Heat Exchanger Characteristics
1. High heat exchanging efficiency
2. Compact structure
3. Small floor space
4. Easy to clean and convenient operation

plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger Working Principle
Plate heat exchanger consists of a frame and a plate pack, inside flowing fluids involved in thermal exchange. The hot fluid and cold fluid flow in separate channels and alternate plates. The heat exchange has best efficiency thanks to the perfect counter-current flow of fluids.

Plate Heat Exchanger Technical Parameter

Model Heat exchanging area Plates Number Weight Dimension
BR03 0.1~2㎡ 4~67 45~167 350~800*210*600mm
BR01 1~6㎡ 11~61 90~250kg 450~1000*285*810mm
BR16 2~20㎡ 13~125 150~450kg 600~1200*350*1320mm
BP2 3~30㎡ 15~150 200~650kg 700~1500*400*1400mm
BR26 6~50㎡ 25~193 450~1050kg 800~1800*460*1520mm
BR4 10~70㎡ 25~163 480~1250kg 800~1800*700*1550mm
BR56 15~100㎡ 28~178 650~1550kg 1000~1800*810*1600mm
BR8 30~150㎡ 38~188 800~2550kg 1000~1800*1000*1600mm
BR100 50~200㎡ 51~201 1000~3100kg 1200~2300*1080*2200mm
BR130 60~250㎡ 47~193    1050~3550kg 1200~2300*1150*2300mm
BR180 80~300㎡ 45~167 1200~4250kg 1200~2300*1400*2500mm

Plates and Rubber Cushion of Plate Heat Exchanger
The plates have two ripple forms to choose: herringbone form(BR series) and horizontal form(BP series). Two types of rubber cushion are also available: stick-on type and hasp type.
Plates and Rubber Cushion Technical Data

Model Effective     area  Ripple depth Rubber cushion Types  Maximum working pressure Plate thickness Dimension
BR0.03 0.03㎡ 2.4mm stick-on 1.0Mpa 0.7 300×130mm
BR0.1 0.1㎡ 3mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.8 548×225mm
BR0.16 0.16㎡ 4mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.7 930×265mm
BP0.21 0.21㎡ 4mm stick-on 0.5Mpa 1.0 970×310mm
BR0.26 0.26㎡ 4.5mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.7 1210×340mm
BR0.3 0.3㎡ 3.06mm Stick-on 1.0Mpa 0.6 1005×500mm
BR0.4 0.4㎡ 3mm Stick-on 1.6Mpa 0.7 1242×486mm
BR0.5 0.5㎡ 4.5mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.7 1560×465mm
BR0.8 0.8㎡ 4mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.6~0.8 1558×593mm
BR1.3 1.3㎡ 4mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.6~0.8 2125×865mm
BR1.8 1.8㎡ 4mm hasp 0.8Mpa 0.6~0.8 2355×865mm  


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