Plate Pasteurizer

What Is Pasteurization?
Pasteurization is a process of heating food, usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. Unlike sterilization, pasteurization is not intended to kill all micro-organisms in the food. Instead, it aims to reduce the number of viable pathogens so they are unlikely to cause disease.

Plate Pasteurizer Application
Plate pasteurizer is applicable to the heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling of thermo-sensitive fluids such as fresh milk, beverage and juice, wine etc.

sterilized juice

sterilized beverage


Plate Pasteurizer

Plate Pasteurizer Characteristics
1. Semi-automatically and fully automatically for your choice (PLC control, touch screen)
2. Standard attachments: material pump, plate heat exchanger, balance bucket, hot water system, temperature control and tape recorder, electricity box, stainless steel pipes and valves.
3. Production capacity: 0.5~20T/h
4. Sterilizing temperature: 85~95℃
5. Heat preservation time: 15~30s
6. Energy-saving, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Plate Pasteurizer Technical Parameter

Model BS-BS-1 BS-BS-2 BS-BS-3 BS-BS-4 BS-BS-5 BS-BS-10
 Capacity 1T/H 2T/H 3T/H 4T/H 5T/H 10T/H
Heat exchanging area 12㎡ 15㎡ 20㎡ 25㎡ 28㎡ 52㎡
Material inlet temperature 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃
Material outlet temperature 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃
Sterilizing temperature 85~95℃ 85~95℃ 85~95℃ 85~95℃ 85~95℃ 85~95℃
Heat preservation time 25S 25S 25S 25S 25S 25S
Weight 928KG 985KG 1050KG 1200KG 1350KG 1800KG
Dimension 1500*1500*
2400*2200*2500mm 2500*2200*2500mm


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