Revolving / Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle
Revolving / Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle Application
Revolving/static spraying sterilization kettle is widely applied for sterilization of juice,dairy products, beverage, meat, aquatic products, vegetables, poultry and eggs, snack food, etc.
1. Plastics container: PP bottles and HDPE bottles.
Revolving / Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle
2. Soft package: aluminium foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bags.
3. Pop cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles.
Revolving / Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle Feature
1. Revolving/static spraying sterilization kettle are made of stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance which meets the requirements of food hygiene.
2. Foods revolving inside the kettle slowly to make heat transfer uniformly which can also shortens sterilization time.

Spraying Sterilization Kettle

3. Whether during heating process or cooling process, the highest request isheating or cooling uniformly in the sterilization tank. Due to circulation water is up to 150 m³/h, the pot temperature is very even.
4. The automatic temperature and pressure control system can work automatically according to various live situations, which is beneficial to prevent distortion and damage to containers.
Revolving / Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle Principle
The circulating pump sends the water in storage tank from sterilization filter into heat exchanger. The water is heated by steam and then sprayed evenly from the water spraying tray on the top of the

 Sterilization Kettle

sterilization to the materials surfaces. During the heat sterilization process, the microorganism in the food can be destroyed.

Revolving/Static Spraying Sterilization Technical Data

Model DN 1300 DN 1500
Maximum working pressure 0.35Mpa 0.35Mpa
Maximum working temperature 137°C 137°C
Revolving velocity 3-8 or 6-12 r/min 3-8 or 6-12 r/min
Heating steam pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Heating steam consumption 300 kg 370 kg
Cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa 0.3Mpa
Cooling water consumption 8m³ 8m³
Compressed air consumption 0.7 m³/ min 0.9 m³/ min
Power 13 kw 15 kw
Dimension 5600*2100*3700 mm 5600*2200*4100 mm


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