Tubular Sterilization
Tubular Sterilization
Tubular sterilization enjoys wide population among liquids with high viscosity like dairy, juice, drinks, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar and liquid medicine. Sterilization can not only kill all bacteria polluted in food and keep them for a certain period of time; but retain the original nutrition and flavor; thus it is quite a necessary process in food processing industry.

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Tubular Sterilizer Features
1. High heat efficiency, about 90% heat can be recycled after heating.
2. Small temperature range between steam and liquids. Heat exchanger tubes adopts dimple pipes and ensure similar flowing speed. High heat exchanging rate.
3. Full automatic operation. CIP cleaning, tube sterilization and food sterilization all can be controlled and recorded.
4. Sterilization temperature is regulated accurately. The steam pressure and flux, the flow of liquids are controlled precisely.
5. The inside of pipe adopts advanced polishing techniques; automatically cleaning and sterilizing.
Why tubular sterilizer
High reliability is the first highlight. The configurations and fittings are made of high quality stainless steel and totally safe to workers. The heating system, steam and liquids system are all equipped with protection measures and alarm device. The main components such as liquid pump, hot water pump, valves are all world famous brand products. Tube pasteurizer and yogurt sterilizer are customized based on clients' requirements.
We offer four-stage tubular sterilizer according to customers' requirements. This four-stage tubular sterilizer is specially designed for processing materials of high density with dry material content ≤80% jam and pulp food. It features low energy consumption, high heat exchanging efficiency, large capacity and easy operation.

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