Tubular Heat Exchanger
Tubular Heat Exchanger Introduction
Like many viscous food, beverage often has high viscosity or contains many different kinds of particles, pulp and fiber. Tubular heat exchanger is specifically designed for thermal treatment of these high-viscosity products.

main structure of tubular heat exchanger

tubular heat exchanger

Main Structure of Tubular Heat Exchanger
The tubular heat exchanger is a combined tube inside which are many small parallel tubes. The inner tubes are connected with u tubes and the external tubes branch tubes.  Dimples placed in outer tubes concentrically align the inner tubes to insure uniform flow spaces and to create turbulence and enhance the heat exchanger's performance.
Tubular Heat Exchanger Working Theory
In tubular heat exchanger, hot fluid flows in the inner tube and the outer annulus for cold fluid. This can minimize heat loss from the exchanger. The inner tubes are composed of stainless steel and the outer annulus from clear acrylic, providing visualization of the heat exchanger construction and minimizing thermal losses. The tubes can be dismantled for cleaning.

tubular heat exchanger for tubular sterilization

tubular heat exchanger for sterilizing machine

Tubular Heat Exchanger Features
1. Tubes are stainless steel construction: T304 or T316.
2. Dimpled tubes produce uniform flow spaces.
3. Heavy dimpling creates turbulance for improved performance.
4. High velocities in tubes increase heat exchange rates.
5. Tubular heat exchangers are easily CIP cleaned.
6. Materials in the tubular is not easy to agglomerate and the nutrient substance can keep fresh.

Tubular Heat Exchanger Application

Dairy Products
Fluid Milk, Ice Cream mix, Sour Cream, Whey protein, Yogurt mix
Egg Products
Egg White / Albumen, Whole Egg, Egg Yolk, Whole egg blend, Sugar Yolk, Salted Yolk, Imitation Egg product, Egg fractions
Vegetable& Fruit Products
Orange Juice, Orange Juice concentrate, Lemon Juice, Fruit smoothies, Apple Juice, Enzymes, Chocolate Mix


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