Concentrating Tank
Concentrating Tank Introduction
Concentrating tank is used to concentrate starch sugar, Chinese medicine, alcohol, etc., especially suitable for the vacuum concentrating of thermal sensitive materials with various species and small quantity. Concentrating tank is usually equipped with vertical heating device, concentrating device, condenser and pipe valve, etc.

concentrating tank

concentrating tank

Energy-saving Concentrators
Energy-saving concentrator adopts vacuum to reduce pressure which shortens the heating time  and maintains the nature flavor of processed liquid. Fast evaporative speed and high concentrating ratio make it suitable for concentrating the fluid materials of traditional medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, gourmet powder, dairy products, especially for thermal sensitive materials. There are three kinds of energy-saving concentrator: single-effect concentrator, dual-effect concentrator, triple-effect concentrator. Obviously, the triple-effect concentrator utilizes the vapor to the utmost extent.
Vacuum Concentration Tank
The vacuum concentration tank mainly includes jacketed type concentration tank, row-pipe condenser, gas-liquid separator, coiled pipe cooler, and liquid receiving barrel. The concentrator parts which contact materials are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, and meet the GMP standard. Vacuum concentration tank is applicable for the concentration of the fluid material in pharmacy, food and chemical industries etc.

energy-saving concentrating tank

ball type concentrating tank

Ball Type Concentrating Tank
The ball type concentrating tank consists of four parts: concentration tank, condenser, gas-liquid separator, and liquid receiving barrel. The adoption of depressurizing concentration shortens the concentrating time, avoiding the bad effect on the thermal sensitive materials. Parts inside the concentrator contacting materials are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, and meet the GMP standard. The device is applicable for the concentration of the feed liquid in pharmacy, food and chemical industries etc. and serves for the recycle of alcohol and simple reversed flow distillation.

Vacuum Concentrating Tank Technical Parameter

Model ZN-50 ZN-100 ZN-200 ZN-300 ZN-500 ZN-700 ZN-1000
Volume 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 700L 1000L
Heating area 0.25㎡ 0.59㎡ 0.8㎡ 1.1㎡ 1.45㎡ 1.8㎡ 2.2㎡
Frozen area 1.2㎡ 1.7㎡ 2.4㎡ 3.0㎡ 3.3㎡ 3.6㎡ 4.1㎡
Cooling area 0.29㎡ 0.35㎡ 0.45㎡ 0.6㎡ 0.7㎡ 0.85㎡ 1.05㎡








Ball Type Concentration Tank Technical Parameter

Specification Capacity Volume Heating area Frozen area Dimension
QN-300 70kg/h 300L 1.3㎡ 2.4㎡ 1900×1100×2300mm
QN-500 120kg/h 500L 1.6㎡ 3㎡ 2030×1200×2500mm
QN-700 145kg/h 700L 2㎡ 3.5㎡ 2100×1300×2600mm
QN-1000 195kg/h 1000L 2.8㎡ 4㎡ 2335×1520×2765mm


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