Flash Evaporating Equipment

Flash Evaporating Equipment Introduction
Flashing vaporization is the preprocessing steps of producing dairy product. Our flash evaporating equipment is mainly used to increase dry contents of liquid  with vacuum pressure and low temperature, without destroying the nutrients and added material of the liquid.

Flash Evaporating Equipment Characteristics
1. The part of flash evaporating equipment touching material adopts high quality of stainless steel and sealing collar is made of eatable silicon rubber.
2. Vacuum instant vaporization can concentrate sweat milk without damaging nutritional components.
3. This machine needs to be matched with other heating machine. Generally,
it is connected after the pipe of sterilizer, with imputting material temperature about 90 .
4. Characterized by easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Flash Evaporating Equipment Application
Our full automatic flash evaporator system can remove 5%-10% water during the milk production, thus improving the content of dry material. The dry matter in fresh milk of 11.5%-12% can reach up 12.5%-14% after flash vaporization, which not only increases the dry matter but also removes off-flavor and keep the original milk flavor.
The evaporation euipment needs to be matched with other sterilizing and heating machine, especially suitable for food, fruit juice, dairy product and vegetable juice industries.

concentrated milk

flash evaporating machine


Flash Evaporating Equipment Technology Data

Model Capacity Evaporation Vacuum Pressure  Power Dimension Weight
SZZ-5 5000L/H 400Kg/H 0.064-0.084Mpa 13Kw 2500*860*3150mm 900Kg
SZZ-10 10000L/H 800Kg/H 0.064-0.084Mpa 16.5Kw    2800*1060*3600mm 1100Kg
SZZ-15 15000L/H 1200Kg/H 0.064-0.084Mpa 21Kw 3500*1500*400mm 1500Kg
SZZ-20 20000L/H 1600Kg/H 0.064-0.084Mpa 26.5Kw 3800*1800*4200mm 2000Kg


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