Carbonated Beverage Mixer
Carbonated Beverage Mixer Characteristics
1. Convenient to adjust the gas content according to the gas content requirement of beverage.
2. Parts contacting with liquids adopt high quality stainless steel, able to meet the national food security requirements
3. Adopting PLC to control the pressure and liquid level inside the tank, immediate alarm under unusual circumstances and automatic termination of equipment running simultaneously.
4. High efficiency and low energy consumption, easy to sterilize and clean.

carbonated drink beverage mixer

carbonated drink beverage mixing machine

Carbonated Beverage Mixer Application
Carbonated beverage mixer is used for mixing water, syrup and carbon dioxide together. Carbonated beverage mixer is the main equipment to produce beverage, applicable to produce various kinds of carbonated beverage such as lemon, coca, fruit juice, wine, light sparkling wine, etc.
Carbonated Beverage Mixer Working Process
Carbonated beverage mixer has two working steps: first, carbonating the water, that is to inject cooling water into CO2 container. Then, according to a certain ratio, mixing water, sugar syrup and the gas of CO2 together, in order to produce aerated water such as lemon, coca cola, light sparkling wine, etc.

tasty carbonated drink

Carbonated Beverage Mixer Main Technical Parameter
A. Syrup:Water            1:3-1:10
B. CO2 : H2O               ≥2.5
C. Mixing precision        ≤2%
D. Cooling water inlet temperature             0-4℃
E. Cooling water inlet pressure              0.01-0.08Mpa
F. Syrup inlet temperature                         2-8℃
G. Syrup inlet pressure                            0.01-0.08Mpa
H. CO2 inlet pressure                               0.7-0.8Mpa
I. CO2 purity                                              99.9%


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