Dual-layer Vertical Blending Storage Tank

Dual-layer Vertical Blending Storage Tank Introduction
Dual-layer vertical blending storage tank series can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank and blending tank, etc. Applicable in the processing areas of food, dairy products, juice beverage, pharmacy, chemical industry, and biological engineering etc.

Configuration of Tank
1. Quick-operating manhole
2. Various types of CIP cleaners
3. Sanitary ventilation cover resisting flies and insect
4. Adjustable triangular bracket
5. Dismountable inlet pipe accessories
6. Thermometer(optional)
7. Ladder(optional)
8. vertical blender(paddle type or frame type available)
9. Eddy-proof board

vertical blending tank structure

Structure Characteristics
1. Adopting structure of internal tank and external package, with heat preservation materials inside.
2. The whole equipment is made of sanitary stainless steel.
3. Humanized structure design and easy to operate.
4. Transition area of interior wall adopts arc for transition to ensure complete cleaning.

vertical tank

Dual-layer Vertical Blending Storage Tank Technical Data

Effective volume Dimension Total height Diameter of inlet/outlet Heat preservation layer Motor power Blending speed
500L 840×1000mm 2750mm 38mm 60mm 0.55kw 35,43,60r/min
600L 920×1000mm 2850mm 38mm 60mm 0.55kw 35,43,60r/min
700L 990×1000mm 2850mm 38mm 60mm 0.55kw 35,43,60r/min
800L 950×1220mm 3000mm 38mm 60mm 0.55kw 35,43,60r/min
900L 1010×1220mm 3000mm 51mm 60mm 0.55kw 35,43,60r/min
1000L 1060×1220mm 3150mm 51mm 60mm 0.75kw 35,43,60r/min
1500L 1160×1500mm 3350mm 51mm 60mm 0.75kw 35,43,60r/min
2000L 1340×1500mm 3410mm 51mm 60mm 1.1kw 35,43,60r/min
3000L 1410×2000mm 4000mm 51mm 60mm 1.5kw 35,43,60r/min
4000L 1620×2000mm 4250mm 51mm 60mm 1.5kw 35,43,60r/min
5000L 1810×2000mm 4300mm 51mm 60mm 2.2kw 35,43,60r/min
6000L 1980×2000mm 4550mm 51mm 60mm 2.2kw 35,43,60r/min
7000L 1930×2440mm 5000mm 51mm 60mm 2.2kw 35,43,60r/min
8000L 2060×2440mm 5000mm 51mm 60mm 3kw 35,43,60r/min
9000L 2180×2440mm 5050mm 51mm 60mm 3kw 35,43,60r/min
10000L 2300×2440mm 5050mm 51mm 60mm 3kw 35,43,60r/min
12000L 2270×3000mm 5600mm 51mm 60mm 4kw 35,43,60r/min
15000L 2530×3000mm 5700mm 51mm 60mm 4kw 35,43,60r/min
20000L 2640×3660mm 6400mm 51mm 60mm 5.5kw 35,43,60r/min


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