Emulsion Tank
Emulsion Tank Introduction
The emulsion tank is especially applicable for the mixture of sugar, starch, milk powder, acidophilus milk, egg powder products with the emulsifying agent, stabilizing agent and thickening agent, usually used in the mixing flow of formula milk powder, acidophilus milk, various drinks, ice cream, egg roll and waffles. Emulsion tank is the most advanced blending equipment in the industries of dairy products, beverage, fruit juice, foods, etc.
Emulsion Tank Feature
1. Emulsion tank adopts high-speed impeller at the bottom of the blending device to maximum the service life of the bearings and save the cost for customers at the same time.
2. We have adopted R-arc transition regarding the structural design to guarantee there is no dead corner to influence the sanitation; 
3. Emulsion tank is comprised of the functions such as blending, emulsifying, homogenizing, solving and crushing.
4. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise and smooth operation.

square emulsion tank

cylinder emulsion tank

emulsion tank rotating bar

Emulsion Tank Working Principle
The emulsion tank can blend the materials efficiently through mixing, pressing and cutting by the high-speed rotation of the impeller in the bottom. Because of centrifugal force, the emulsion tank throws the materials from the center of rotor to the stator at a high speed. Then through the clearance of between the rotor and stator, the materials are sheared, collided and smashed, then scattered, mix and emulsified.

Square Emulsion Tank Technical Data

Effective volume Inner wall
Inner wall
Inner wall
Heat Preservation
Motor Power Rotation
400L 900mm 900mm 550mm 1700mm 50mm 7.5kw 1460r/min
600L 1000mm 1000mm 650mm 1850mm 50mm 11kw 1460r/min
800L 1050mm 1050mm 750mm 1950mm 50mm 15kw 1460r/min
1000L 1150mm 1150mm 750mm 2000mm 50mm 15kw 1460r/min

Cylinder Emulsion Tank Technical Data

Effective Volume Dimension Heat Preservation layer Motor Power Blending
1000L 1060*1220*2950mm 60mm 7.5kw 1750r/min
2000L 1340*1500*3400mm 60mm 11kw 1750r/min
3000L 1410*2000*3900mm 60mm 15kw 1750r/min
4000L 1620*2000*4030mm 60mm 18.5kw 1750r/min
5000L 1810*2000*4130mm 60mm 22kw 1750r/min


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