High Pressure Homogenizer
Structure Characteristics of High Pressure Homogenizer
High pressure homogenizer is mainly composed of chassis, transmission case, pump, pressure gauge, homogenizer, homogenizing valve, etc. High pressure homogenizer is covered with a polished stainless steel casing. The interior of high pressure homogenizer is made of materials with high strength, high quality and corrosion resistant, meeting the food sanitary requirement.

high pressure homogenizer


High Pressure Homogenizer Features
1. Smashing granularity is between 0.1 micron to 0.2 micron, and their average size≤1 micron.
2. Sealing material can work under less than 150℃ and the parts touching food is made of stainless steel which can stay up to the acid and alkali.
3. All of valves and plungers are made of special material which ensures a long working life.
4. Made of special alloy, the bearing is more durable.

Homogenization Process
Homogenization is a fluid mechanical process handling fluids under high pressure that involves the subdivision and dispersion of particles or droplets into micron sizes. The process occurs in a special homogenizing valve, the design of which is the heart of the homogenizing equipment. The fluid passes through a minute gap in the homogenizing valve. This creates intense turbulence and hydraulic shear, causing the disintegration and dispersion of particles to extremely small particle size of emulsion.
Generally speaking, higher processing pressure produces smaller particles down to a certain limit of micronization.

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High Pressure Homogenizer Technical Parameters

Model Pressure Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter Power Dimension Weight
GJB-1-25 25Mpa 25mm 15mm 7.5kw 1050*680*1110mm 600kg
GJB-2-25 25Mpa 40mm 15mm 15kw 1150*930*1270mm 1000kg
GJB-3-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 20kw 1250*1000*1350mm 1300kg
GJB-4-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 23kw 1300*1160*1500mm 1400kg
GJB-5-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 25kw 1400*1250*1600mm 1500kg
GJB-1-40 40Mpa 25mm 15mm 15kw 1050*680*1110mm 1100kg
GJB-2-40 40Mpa 40mm 15mm 22kw 1150*820*1180mm 1400kg
GJB-3-40 40Mpa 50mm 25mm 30kw 1250*1150*1500mm 1700kg
GJB-4-40 40Mpa 50mm 25mm 40kw 1300*1260*1600mm 2000kg
GJB-5-40 40Mpa 50mm 25mm 50kw 1400*1360*1700mm 2300kg
GJB-1-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 22kw 1300*1060*1350mm 1200kg
GJB-2-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 38kw 1400*1160*1450mm 1500kg
GJB-3-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 48kw 1500*1260*1550mm 1800kg
GJB-5-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 68kw 1600*1360*1650mm 2100kg


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