Milk Separator

Structure Characteristics of Milk Separator
The milk separator has an automatic driven disc and self-cleaning disk type bowl. All parts touching materials are made of sanitary stainless steel. The milk separator is equipped with a complete sophisticated system that can separate the cream(light phase) from the whole milk(heavy phase).The milk separator creates a soft separation environment for the material to ensure the active ingredient in the material not destroyed and the nutritional value as well as original flavor is kept well.


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Competitive Advantages of Milk Separator
1. High rotating speed.
2. Operating stability.
3. Completely sealed up of the inlet and outlet system.
4. Low noise.
Application of Milk Separator
1. The milk separator is specially designed for separation, clarification, and standardization of milk, mainly used in milk processing factories.
2. With some parts changed inside the separating bowl, the milk separator can also separate and purify milk, oil, chemical liquid and medicine. So the milk separator can be widely applied for liquid material separation and decontamination.

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Working Principle of Milk Separator
Milk separator is a centrifugal device that separates milk into cream and skimmed milk. The milk separator takes cream out of milk by making use of high rotating centrifugal force, for the separator bowl spins at thousands of revolutions per minute.When spinning, the heavier milk is pulled outward against the walls of the separator and the cream, which is lighter, collects in the middle. The cream and milk then flow out of separate spouts.

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Milk Separator Technical Parameters

Separating capacity Separating flakes Separating speed Motor power Dimension Weight
1000~5000 l/h 47±2 6650r/h 1.5kw 749*488*924mm 178kg


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