Three-layer Side Blending Tanks
Side Blending Tank Structure and Features
1. Composed of internal cylinder, jacket and external coating, with the heating preservation materials sandwiched between two walls.
2. The whole tank is made of stainless steel.
3. Reasonable design and easy operation.
4. The transition part inside the cylinder is arc-design which makes it simple to clean.
Three-layer Side Blending Tank Application
1. The tank can be used to disinfection, short-time storage and blending.
2. Ideal tank in industry like food, dairy products, fruit juice beverage, pharmacy, chemical industry and biological engineering, etc.

side blending tank


Side Blending Tank Configurations
1. Quick open manhole
2. CIP cleaner of all shapes
3. Sanitary ventilated hood is fly and insect resistant.
4. Adjustable triangular bracket
5. Dismountable feeding pipe assembly
6. Thermometer and ladder ( based on customers' requirements)
7. Jacket assemblies (Miller board, hollow jacket or coil pipe jacket; customized)
8. Liquid level meter or controller (customized)
9. Eddy-proof board

blending tank


Three-layer Side Blending Tank Technical data

Effective Volume Inlet/Outlet Diameter Heat Preservation Layer Motor Power Blending Speed
1000L 51mm 60mm 1.1kw 960r/min
1500L 51mm 60mm 1.1kw 960r/min
2000L 51mm 60mm 1.1kw 960r/min
3000L 51mm 60mm 1.5kw 960r/min
4000L 51mm 60mm 1.5kw 960r/min
5000L 51mm 60mm 2.2kw 960r/min
6000L 51mm 60mm 2.2kw 960r/min
7000L 51mm 60mm 3kw 960r/min
8000L 51mm 60mm 3kw 960r/min
9000L 51mm 60mm 4kw 960r/min
10000L 51mm 60mm 4kw 960r/min
12000L 51mm 60mm 5.5kw 960r/min
15000L 51mm 60mm 5.5kw 960r/min
20000L 51mm 60mm 5.5kw 960r/min


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