Steam Jacketed Kettle

steamed kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettle Introduction
This high quality stainless steel steam jacketed kettle enjoys wide popularity among industry like candy, pharmacy, dairy, drinks, cakes, beverage and canned food processing. Besides, its various capacity enables you to prepare large batches of simmer, cook and stew. Thanks to its precise temperature control, it's ideal equipment to shorten working time and improve quality of products.

Steam Jacketed Kettle Structure
There are two types of steam jacketed kettle which are respectively titling type and the fixed type. The whole kettle is composed of kettle, bracket and worm wheel,etc. It is fixed on a mild steel stand through worm gear. All food contact surfaces are made from 316 stainless steel. The kettles are 2/3 jacketed for average distribution of heat. The machine is also equipped with pressure gauge, electric control box and safety valve for precise working. Blender also can be added according customer requirements.
Steam Jacketed Kettle Features
1. The pot is heated either by electricity or gas, no limits on power.
2. Large heating area, high thermal efficiency and even heating.
3. Designed reasonably, easy to install and operate.
4. Short working time, safe working process.
5. Energy efficient, reliable performance gas-fired heating system.

steamed kettle


Steam Jacketed Kettle Technical Data

Model Volume    Pressure Agitating speed Power
GW-100I 100 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.5kw
GW-100II 100 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.5kw
GW-200I 200 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.7kw
GW-200II 200 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.7kw
GW-300I 300 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.9kw
GW-300II 300 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 0.9kw
GW-500I 500 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 1.2kw
GW-500II 500 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 1.2kw
GW-600I 600 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 1.5kw
GW-600II 600 0.3/0.5Mpa 36r/min 1.5kw


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