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Why Mineral Water Is Useful
As the necessity of our daily life, clean and safe water is so important for us, thus strict inspection standard comes at the right moment. Mineral water is also called natural water which comes from natural springs. It contains lots of various chemical goods such as magnesium and calcium that healthy to our body. After filtering and sterilizing, mineral water should be our first choice to use. However, the gradually prominent problem is its limit source.
Mineral Water Process Stages
Water Pretreatment-Precision Filter- Hollow-Fiber Ultrafilter System-Optional UV Sterilizer-Water Filling-Sleeve Shrink Wrapping -Wrap Around Case Packer

bottled mineral water


1. Water Pretreatment 
  a. Water pumps is used to draw natural spring or underground water to water reservoir. Mud, sand and other large particles are deposited. At the same time, this stage buffers impact on the whole processing system.
  b. Then comes the quartz sand filtering stage. The water is filtered through layers of varying depth of uniformed Quartz Sand Filtration System. It flows slowly through the filter and gains good purifying results so that the water will not contain large blocks or suspended solids.
  c. The following is Carbon filtration. The water is absorbed on the activated carbon. Activated carbon is currently considered as one of the safest ways to purify drinking and mineral water. It absorbs most pollutants dissolved in water. After this process, water may be odorless and flavorless.
  d. The softening stage is following. Water passes through the Na+ions tank with lots of resin pellets in it. The purpose is to soften the water, most of the different mineral goods are absorbed away from the water in the process. The removal of C and Mg can prevent the equipment from deposition and extend their using life.


mineral water by high quality water processing machine

2. The precision filter is used here to remove suspended particles and colloids to make the UF more safe and stable. The filter cartridge is accurately 5um which prevents the residue from destroying hollow-filter.
3. Hollow-fiber ultrafilter system plays the indispensable role. Equipped with the most advanced and most mature filtering membrane, it filters the big material like bacteria, virus and colloidal particles. The equipment adopts dissymmetrical semipermeable film which is made from macromolecule material with special process. Treated water flows inside or outside the film under pressure and the particles are brought away by circulating raw liquid.  
4. Then it comes the optional UV sterilizer or ozone sterilizer. This process is to completely kill any disease-producing bacteria or microorganisms which might exist in the mineral water and ensure the drinking water hygienic.
5. After that, the treated water is stored in the pure sanitary grade water reservoir.

6. Filling and Packing System
  a. We use the isobar pressure filling machine which integrates washing, filling and capping.
  b. The lamp inspection machine is needed to judge whether there is visible residues. Controlled by PLC, order giving device can select out the degraded products to ensure standard processing.
  c. Trapping labeling machine is matched with shrinking labeling machine. After the label  trapped, steam makes it paste on bottles.
  d. The injet machine is to mark on products by way of software controlling device.
  e. Sleeve shrink wrapping machine is to pack groups of bottles. Heating makes the film wrap packing products tightly and present beautiful shape products.
  f. Then they are packed in cartons by  wrap around case packer and then moved into a refrigerated warehouse by a convey system where they remain until ready for shipping.


barreled mineral water

Mineral Water Physiological Functions
1. It contains a certain salt, microelement and carbon dioxide.
2. Standard amount of lithium, strontium, zinc, bromide, iodide; silicic acid, free carbon dioxide and total dissolved solids,etc.
3. Radioactive material is within the national regulation.
Thus a long term of using mineral water is good to the health condition. Lithium and strontium have similar function of C and Mg, which promotes the growth of bones and teeth. Most mineral water is of slight alkalinity, suited to the body characters, therefore, it can maintain common osmotic pressure and acid-base balance to improve metabolism.


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