Complete Protein Drinks Plant

The complete vegetable protein drinks production line is composed of five sections
1. Water Treatment Process
1)The raw water could be totally purified after being filtered successively through Water  Pretreatment Equipment→Precision Filter→Reverse Osmosis Device.
2) Dissolving syrup in Emulsion Tank.
2. Raw Material Process
Cleaning, Enzyme and Cooing---Rough Grinding---Fine Grinding---Separate the Pulp & the Dreg
 Shell Peeling machine remove the cover and shell of the materials to save a lot labor and time. Then the deshelled materials need to process wet ultrafine particles by the grinder.We have Juice Extracting Machine to make fruits into fresh juice.

3. Blending Standardization Process
1). Mix and blend the juice, sugar and the additives in Mixing Tank.
2).  Using High Pressure Homogenizer to homogenize the mixed fluid material under high pressure, splitting suspended particle into micron sizes to disperse uniformly and stably in the juice.
3). To remove the gas adhering to the particulates and prevent them from floating, the juice needs to go through Vacuum Degasser. Thus it can improve the quality of the product greatly and reduce the corrosion.
4).  Plate Pasteurizer is applied to heating food, usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. It aims to reduce the number of viable pathogens so they are unlikely to cause disease.
Another way of sterilization utilizes ultra high temperature to destroy the entire microorganism in the raw materials. The original nutrition, color and flavor of the milk are kept as much as possible. We have two types of equipment, Plate UHT sterilizer and Tube UHT sterilizer.

protein beverage by high quality protein milk processing machine


protein milk processing line

4. Filling and Packaging Process
Filling---Second Sterilization---Packaging
1) Hot Filling is next procedure to fill the juice in a short time after UHT sterilization at a definitive temperature 85℃-95℃. Integrating the function washing, filling, capping together, our Hot Filling Machine series is applied to hot filling and sealing of fruit and vegetable juice. Its capacity is 3000-18000b/h.
2) The second sterilization is used to kill residual microorganism. Second sterilization equipment includes three types of sterilization kettle: Lateral Spraying & Pulsing Sterilization Kettle, Revolving/Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle, and Hot Water Revolving (Static) Sterilization Kettle, and two types of sterilizer: Continuous Spraying Sterilizer, or Water Soaking Sterilizer.

    Packaging is the final process for the whole production line. 
  a. Using Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine to label for many shapes of bottles by changing different molds.
  b. Using Ink Jet Printer to print production date on bottle body or cap.
  c.Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine is to pack vegetable protein drinks or other beverages with shrinking film in 9 or 12 bottles a batch, preventing products from pollution and breaking.
  d. Wrap around Case Packer is to pack bottles of vegetable protein drinks or other beverages in cartons. Its packing speed is up to 15~18 cartons each minute.
5. CIP Cleaning Process
Following is the main process of CIP Cleaning system:
Use water to prewash---Use alkali liquid to wash the milk dirt---Use clean water to wash the left alkali liquid---Use acid liquid to wash organic matter---Use clean water to remove all the remains---Input steam. There are two types of CIP cleaning system to choose: Integral type CIP Cleaning System, Split type CIP Cleaning System.


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