Pure Water Processing Plant

Pure Water Introduction & Present Situation Analysis
Pure water means clean, pure water without impurities and bacteria. It is further processed water based on the drinking water which conforms to GMP hygienic requirements. There should be no additives stored in tanks. Pure water has no color and can be drunk directly. Nowadays in China drinking water market, there are pure water, mineral water, spring and natural water. As the shortage of natural water, pure water has become the most popular type, thus its quality will exert great influence on daily life.
Pure Water Treatment Equipment
Water pump, pressure pump(supply water and water pressure), quartz filter(remove particles), active carbon filter(remove chlorine,color), precision filter(remove suspending material with a diameter over 1um), RO membrane( remove poisonous material), UV sterilizer(kill bacteria, virus).
Water Pretreatment-Precision Filter-Reverse Osmosis-Ozone Producing Equipment-Water Filling and Packing


drinking pure water

raw water

Pure Water Processing Stage
In pure water processing stage, water is transferred by water pump into water pretreatment process.
1. First the water is filtered in quartz sand filter. This step will remove big residues over 20 μm such as mud, sands, iron rust, colloid, suspending material and metal material like Mg, Fe. This preliminary filtering can ensure the water production and extend its life.
2. Active carbon filter. Active carbon can absorb odor, color, organism,etc and reduce poisonous material content. At the same time, the system can self-protect and lower the maintenance cost.
3. Sodium ion exchanging step. It is indispensable to soften water so as to protect the RO membrane in the fifth step. The resin enters the softening tank and absorbs ions like Ca and Mg and then Na+ions comes to form soften water. After a period of time, use industrial salt to regenerate resin and repair its function.

water processing plant


4. Precision filter. Precision filtering is used to hold back those missed residues in the preceding steps. The tank is standard specification material and equipped with high efficiency, deep filtering PPF filter element. This is further purification of water with low residue; It makes sure the water particle enters has less than 0.1μm.
5. Reverse osmosis device. Reverse osmosis is to separate water from solution by way of enough pressure. This RO method is suitable to process salty water, especially water with high salt content, because it has high salt rejection rate, high recycling rate. What's more, it can remove bacteria,colloid and big organics. This step is equipped with two reverse osmosis devices and twice entering will improve water quality.
6. An Ozone Producing Equipment is used to produce ozone and mixed with treated water for sterilization.
7. After that, the treated water is also stored in a pure sanitary grade water reservoir.
Pure Water Packing Stage
1. Use bottle unscrambler to make tidy bottles in separate lines.
2. The 3-in-1 machine which integrates bottle rinsing, filling and capping and high automation saves workers a lot of time and trouble in packing.
3. Then is the jet coder used for injeting on the bottle cap side.
4. The chain conveyor sends these filled bottles to carton sealer for sealing.
5. The roller conveyor transmit the cartons to the garage.
The whole working process links closely and works smoothly according to the settled data. It is controlled by a separate cabinet. PLC control device, advanced configuration, high quality ss and the most important, competitive price, so worth your consideration.



Pure Water Benifits
1. Pure water has high solubility, thus easy to absorb by human body.
2. As an alkaline drink, it can eliminate the greasy and blood fat, good to repair vasoactivity.
3. Easy to resolve medicine and reduce side-effects.
4. Drinking pure water in the long run can ensure body normal function.
5. For some diseases like infectious disease, skin disease and lithiasis, pure water is good to these patients.

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