Complete Tea Processing Plant

Tea drinks mainly conclude green tea, black tea, and oolong tea etc. Complete tea drinks production line mainly consists of the following process:
Pretreatment→Mixing→Sterilizing→Filling→Packaging→CIP Cleaning
1. Pretreatment System
a. The water used to mix with tea should be purified water. The raw water could be totally purified after being filtered successively through Water Pretreatment EquipmentHollow-Fiber UltrafilterReverse Osmosis Device.
b. Extracting tea soup through Extraction Tank.
c. Dissolving syrup with Emulsion Tank.


tea drink produced by tea drink processing machinery

2. Mixing System
a. After water is purified, tea soup and syrup separately dissolved and filtered, next steps are Mixing purified water, tea soup and dissolved syrup together by Mixing Tank.
b. Concentrating the mixed material by Vacuum Degasser to remove the gas adhering to the suspended particulates and prevent particle from floating, thus extend product storage period.
c. Filtering the concentrated material with Duplex Filter.
3. Sterilizing System
The material then should be sterilized by UHT flash sterilizer unit to kill the microorganism in the material. Tea soup is treated at the temperature of 121~137℃ by UHT sterilizer to keep the temperature for 5~30s. There are Tube Type UHT Sterilizer and Plate Type UHT Sterilizer for you to choose.

4. Filling System
Sterilized tea soup after cooling to 85~92℃ should be sent into Hot Filling Machine which integrates washing, filling, capping together.
5. Second Sterilizing System
In order to kill residual microorganism, tea drinks should proceed with second sterilization after they are filled and capped.
a. Once bottles are filled and capped through hot filling machine, they come into Bottle Reverse Sterilizer to sterilize the mouth and cap of bottles, preventing tiny pollution.
b. Next, for totally complete sterilization of products, bottles would go through Continuous Spraying Sterilizer, or Water Soaking Sterilizer. In addition, following second sterilization machines are also available:Lateral Spraying & Pulsing Sterilization Kettle, Revolving/Static Spraying Sterilization Kettle, and Hot Water Revolving (Static) Sterilization Kettle.


tea drink

6. Packaging System
Packaging is the final process for the whole production line.
Using Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine to label for many shapes of bottles by changing different molds.
Using Ink Jet Printer to print production date on bottle body or cap.
Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine is to pack tea drinks or other beverages with shrinking film in 9 or 12 bottles a batch, preventing products from pollution and breaking.
Wrap around Case Packer is to pack bottles of tea drinks or other beverages in cartons. Its packing speed is up to 15~18 cartons each minute.

7. CIP Cleaning System
Processing machines and pipelines will produce some sediment after use, so they should be cleaned timely and thoroughly. CIP cleaning system is applied to cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings without disassembly. According to customers' scale of operation, there are two types of CIP cleaning system to choose:Integral type CIP Cleaning System, Split type CIP Cleaning System.

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