Hollow-fiber Ultrafilter System
Get to Know Hollow-fiber Ultrafilter System
As one kind of ultrafilter equipment, Hollow-fiber ultrafilter system has the most advanced and most mature filtering membrane. It adopts dissymmetrical semipermeable film which is made from macromolecule material with special process. The raw liquid flows inside or outside the film under pressure. The macromolecule substance and colloid particles in the raw material are clogged at the film surface and are brought away by circulating raw liquid. Ultrafilter undertakes in the normal temperature and low pressure without state change. Simple structure, wide application, easy operation and universal use are its main advantages.

hollow fiber ultrafilter system


hollow fiber

Hollow-fiber UF System Application
1. Hollow-fiber ultrafilter system can be used to produce process water and drinking mineral water;
2. It can function as anti-filtration water inputting pretreatment and the end precise process of high pure water. The quality analysis of mineral water decides the choice of bore diameter and film;
3. Fruit juice concentration and separation;
4. The separation, concentration and clarification of soybean, milk, sugar industry, alcohol, tea and vinegar,etc.
5. The cleaning and recycling of industry and domestic waste water;
UF System Structure
This ultrafilter system consists of raw water pump, sand filter, water softener and the recycling device, pressure adding pump, 5 micrometer precise filter, hollow-fiber ultrafilter and fittings, sterilization and water tank. Your choice on the ideal configuration--hollow fiber ultrafilter system can ensure the optimize yield and recovery, energy saving and quality improvement.

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UF Membrane
The UF membrane is composed of Polypropylene which is processed by special silk film technology. The average pore diameter is 0.01-0.1 micrometer. It can concentrate and separate the macromolecular material like particles, colloid and organics, at the same time, intercept bacteria, heat source and algae. The membrane is characterized by large water flowing capacity, no-blocking, cleaning and using repeatedly, with working life of 1-2 years.
Notes on Hollow Fiber UF System Use
1. The filter system should be sterilized in a period of time. To the common running water, the sterilization period is 7-10 days in summer and 30-40days in winter.
2. Every filtering membrane should be watered completely to remove the the protecting liquid.
3. Take and remove these membranes cautiously to extend their working life.
4. The whole filtering process is controlled by the valves which are set according to different working principle.

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